Backend Engineer


Our client is looking for Backend Engineers who are interested in delivering large-scale distributed software systems using cutting-edge technologies in a culture that encourages autonomous productive teams, We want a team member who strives to develop a first-class codebase using Java best practices.

With product lines with multiple international tiers 1 clients.

These products deal with millions of user requests with storage scaling in TBs, our products built on Open standards and using Open Source platforms including Hadoop, Streaming data flow, and analytics

Our product installation supporting many of the top service providers allowing them to smoothly connect and transition to modern architecture from their legacy infrastructure.


  • 4 or more years of hands-on software design, implementation, and test experience with a strong grasp of data structures and algorithms
  • Deep knowledge of large-scale distributed system architectures, including process, memory, storage, network management, and concurrency patterns
  • Exposure to high-volume, low-latency applications for mission-critical systems, delivering high-availability and performance is an added advantage.
  • Profound insight of Java and JEE internals (Application Performance Tuning, Transaction management, etc.)
  • Must have good experience with Spring framework, Springboot, etc.
  • Extensive experience in object-oriented design skills, knowledge of design patterns, and huge passion and ability to design intuitive module and class-level interfaces
  • Knowledge of Test-Driven Development
  • Good understanding of databases.
  • Experience in developing Web services (SOAP and RESTful)

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